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PRA Regulatory Committee Action Item:


Petition to Change FAA Part 61 Rule, Sport Pilot CFI Log Credit

Effective immediately, the PRA Board of Directors have voted unanimously to join in support of the new petition that AOPA and EAA have submitted to the FAA to change the rules to allow that training received from Sport Pilot CFIs should apply toward higher ratings – recreational, private. This is an important change. This prevents the discouragement to Sport Pilots to add a higher rating if they had received their training from a Sport Pilot CFI.

PRA is calling for all members and all people concerned with the sport of personal rotorcraft, sport and general aviation to submit comments to support this petition.

Comments can be submitted at this link:!submitComment;D=FAA-2011-0138-0001


(The Docket # is: FAA-2011-0138)

The PRA suggests using the following wording or similar wording adapted to your own style:


Dear FAA,

The biggest issue affecting safety in gyroplanes is the small number if instructors and the difficulty in receiving proper flight instruction toward a pilot certificate.

The fact that training provided by gyroplane CFI-SPs has not counted toward higher ratings, has discouraged gyroplane Sport Pilots from pursuing their CFI-SP. This petition will encourage more gyroplane flight instructors, and encourage current gyroplane Sport Pilots to advance their training experience by working toward higher ratings.

NOTE: The petition's proposed change to 61.109, Aeronautical Experience, does infer that the deletion should apply to each subsection. But, to be clear, the example in the petition is the "AIRPLANE" subsection. This change should apply to all subsections - gyroplane, etc.



The PRA Board of Directors and the PRA Regulatory Committee would like to thank everyone who takes the time to voice your opinion on this matter. Comments on these petitions have shown to be effective in many issues and your efforts do make a difference.


The PRA Board of Directors and the PRA Regulatory Committee would also like to thank Greg Gremminger, of Magni USA for his sample wording and action on this issue.

Contact Tim O'Connor for details and questions :

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