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NO NEED to be PRESENT to Win

Must be purchased in Indiana by a friend either by Mail or Online.  Drake Air LLC a friend in Indiana buys the tickets in advance and will email or text you a copy of your ticket(s). It is a volunteer job and may take a day or more.

Trig ADS-B Trig bundleComplete ADS-B needed by 2020. Click Here $10 wins it 7/15/19

Rotax 582 New Rotax 582, with E-gearbox. Click here $30 wins it 8/3/2019

*Rules that make our prizes Non-Taxable to you is determined by the ticket price.

Our ticket price is set by the IRS RULES to assure our prizes are not taxable. Our winnings are not taxable if our ticket price is $60.00 for Dominator and Trailer, valued at $17,000 of winnings.

The catch 22 is if the value of the prize must be less than (the price of the ticket) times 300 + 1 dollar.   

Example $60 x 300 = $18,000 valued prize. Assuring our $17,000 prize is not reportable by us or taxable to you. 

Note: Actual IRS details for those who wish to know:

Excerpt of IRS Instructions that sets the price of our tickets making our prize-winning not reportable by us or taxable to you.  

An exempt organization must collect withholding and report raffle prizes if: 

(b) the payout is at least 300 times the amount of the wager. The organization uses Form W-2G for this report. 


See the Full IRS instructions for 501 corporation reporting taxable winnings:



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