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Thread: New PRA Member Benefits; We NOW PAY YOU to join us.

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    New PRA Member Benefits; We NOW PAY YOU to join us.

    There will be an eAlert sent out to all members and guests about the two new PRA Member Benefits... and there are more coming soon.

    1) All PRA Members receive a 50% Discount for the Mentone Conventions that a $12.50 savings making it only $12.50 not $25.00 our normal fee to cover insurance.

    2) Also all PRA Members may camp TWO nights for FREE at campsites with brand new electrical hook ups all year long EXCEPT during the convention.
    This year it excludes five days July 28 - August 1st 2015.

    That's another $44.00 dollar savings. The cost of membership is only $42.00 per year.

    The savings Total:
    Convention_____ $12.50
    Camping _______ $44.00
    Total savings____$56.50
    PRA Dues______ $42.00
    Net profit_____ $14.50
    If you took advantage of these two nights during the year before or after the convention and the $12.50 discount for attending Mentone then you make $14.50 for being a members and it becomes a $14.50 profit just for joining PRA!

    It not only FREE to join; it now can makes you $14.50 more than it cost to join!

    Also Join PRA today or at the convention and start making money and come to one of the best Parties of the year and you can get rides in all the different Types of aircraft you are interested in!

    PRA has also invited Power Parachutes and Trikes associations thanks to one of our best supporter Roy Beisswenger the publisher of PSF magazine. They have not accepted yet!!!
    (See this thread to learn the details!!)

    For their members that join PRA they actually save $5.00 more than we do.
    1) Non-PRA members that join PRA save an additional $5.00 or $17.50 to attend because it cost $30.00 for non-PRA members. PRA has to charge the sane entrance fee of $25.00 for insurance but we must also charge a dollar a day = $5.00 to become a 5 day temporary PRA member so they are covered by our insurance they just purchased.

    The savings Total:
    Convention_____ $17.50
    Camping _______ $44.00
    Total savings____$61.50
    PRA Dues______ $42.00
    Net profit____ $19.50
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