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Thread: 2015 Convention on it way to be one of the largest attended EVER!!

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    2015 Convention on it way to be one of the largest attended EVER!!

    PRA contacted Roy Beisswenger the publisher of PSF magazine!
    He publishes Power ultralights, trikes, powered parachutes, powered paragliders, airplanes and rotorcraft articles and photos!

    We asked him if he thought the pilots of his two groups would interested in making it a joint fly-in with them.
    He said they loved it the year they were invited and would ask both groups and let us know.

    He was delighted and is contacting them and he going to publish FREE ads inviting the rest of the world in all three groups to come to the PARTY!!!!

    Roy is one of the best supports we have in the sport, good person and friend.

    Way to go PRA Convention Volunteers!!!
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    Were on a slow roll. Let's keep up the hard work.

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