Chapter's Man your MARKETING Announcement & Questions Forums you are the only ones who can answer questions about joining your chapter!

Chapter's have a new marketing tool and PRA is marketing for new members today on, many cross-marketing Facebook page like Power ultralights, trikes, powered parachutes, powered paragliders, airplanes, motorcycles, personal watercraft, dune buggies, etc.
The same cross-marketing group and PSF magazine ads, and Fly-in using!! inviting by advertizing and with Facebook post for every one to come get a ride in all types of aircraft all at the same place; We are here to support, market, and provide you with common tools and this is just the start.
Just let us know and PRA will invite associations from all these groups we are forming relationship with now.

This is just part of the New Modern PRA Chapter support with more common tools on it way.
Click here to see your new virtual marketing Forum.

Officers please email with one PRA member name, email addresses, and their PRA account who will man this forum for you or a list of names, email addresses, and their PRA account Numbers.
Only PRA members can post to answer questions in your Chapter's new marketing forum.
We need their email address to let you know automatically that a new question as been posted letting you know it needs an answer.
Also this is where you announce your fly-in's, meeting times for your next meeting, etc. PRA will point them to this forum for you and Hype it up on many Facebook pages!