Chapter's Private Virtual Office & Meeting place with voting polls is variable just let us know.

The first few chapters have move in. They have learned about their PRIVATE chapter forum and have discover that; this Forum can cross state and even world boundaries solving the time zone and language translation problems using Google if need be?
This allows member even at work I’m told to attend meeting expanding your reach with member locations separated by such distances many in other states.

Here your Chapter can communicate on a regular basis including pictures, videos, voting, and you can all meet and get to know one another better. We are well on our way.

Contact to be given the keys to your new Chapter benefit.

Do not waste your time setting and running your on forum use that time to do marketing, building, and flying.

Let PRA provide you with the tool and labor you need that is the new modern PRA mission with more Chapter tools to be announced soon.

In your Private forum argue, fight, & laugh all in private! Vote using polls to learn if a motion carries or brain storm projects etc.