View Full Version : How to register an Experimental Amateur Built aircraft with the FAA.

05-24-2016, 12:26 AM
I'm going through this process now and copied most of this from what Chris Toves posted and then I called the FAA to learn what is really needed so I'm sharing what I've learned so far..

1) Reserve a N# for it here. http://aircraft.faa.gov/e.gov/NN/reserve.aspx You need this before you can fill out the forms below.

2) Once your N# as been reserved (you will receive a conformation letter) you can order one (not two) data plates. The FAA does not want a data plate mailed to them. They only want you to fill out the form 8050-88 below with the same information with the exact name of the builder matching your data plate. I've only now using these folks and cannot recommend them yet. http://www.engravers.net/dataplates.html

3) You need to fill out two forms (see attachments below for the forms):
___A) Aircraft Registration Application