Meet Chapter 31 San Diego Rotorcraft Club

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Greetings World from PRA 31!

Let us introduce ourselves we are San Diego Rotorcraft Club.

We meet every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM mostly at Aviomania USA's hanger at Gillespie Field El Cajon Ca (KSEE). It's the Club's hanger too where Dr. Charnov will soon store his tractor Little Wings with a Rotax radial engine. Come check it out soon we will announce an open house so the general public can see one up close and personal.

We also often meet at Dr. Charnov's home where we have been thoroughly entertained about rotorcraft history from PRA's Historian and never one the same. Actually we are meeting there again next February 19th 2015 at 6:30PM! You are invited but please RSVP as Bruce feeds us too. Now I'm in trouble?

Who we are and what we are up too:

Welcome to San Diego Rotorcraft Club we are (Pra31)-Chapter 31 of Popular Rotorcraft Association.
We are not solely a rotorcraft Club as our bylaws clearly state "That anyone with an interest in an aircraft in the general range of a Beach-Chair attached to helium balloons to a Rocket ship may join us . We like those things too!

Our Mission, to have flying fun, while promoting education and flight training with programs designed to create group camping family flying weekends at about the same cost as operating a motorcycle or personal watercraft. We accomplish this by sharing costs with member/co-owners of 3 aircraft and creating a rental program with flight training available only for member/co-owners including:

  1. Ground school
  2. Aircraft flight instruction
  3. Use of our 3 aircraft ( two being built) gyroplanes owned by (Pra31) now and one leased-back certified four-place Piper Cherokee 180 is available to our members today.
  4. Pra31 has a co-ownership agreement/Contract you may use allowing (fractional ownership) of any aircraft.
    1. This Contract provides the method to own an interest in several types of aircraft at fraction of the cost to any one co-owner.
    2. The aircraft is owned by a separate 'Limited Liability Corporation', protecting your personal assets while allowing you to buy and sell your interest in any aircraft as easily as selling a share of stock.

Pra31 is in the BUILDING stage... See new download page that explains our member co-ownership program.

Currently we are building two 'single-place' gyroplanes and have purchased a two-place cross-country / trainer, as a kit, that will be owned and cost shared at a per hourly rate for cross-countries flights as well as flight training.

Our toys also happen to be the some of the least expensive to build and fly too. Point is, if you like any of these things or wish to fly? You have just found a home for young and old adults alike who enjoy making life a party.

Goals: Provide the tools and methods necessary to make aircraft ownership affordable to more of the general public and provide local flight students of median incomes an affordable path into aviation by purchasing training aircraft, to be owned with PRA Chapter 31 members as co-owners, allowing anyone who joins us to be able to learn to fly at the lowest possible cost.

How primary mission is to create a Fixed Bases of Operations enabling public access to rotorcraft flight with the lowest possible member user fees per hours. As a natural extension, and in conjunction with's online ground school this new program will create a focal point of training resources which will directly increase access and availability in California and cities where there is no gyroplane training to the general public while reducing the cost of becoming a pilot to all.

We have designed a self-sustaining program that provides training to people of modest means, allowing the general public to become pilots at a fraction of the current cost, now and indefinitely.

Our secondary mission is to reduce the cost of AIRCRAFT OWNERSHIP to the general public by creating partnership's between members with a desire in the same make and model experimental aircraft reducing the cost by 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 or more depending on how many members want the same aircraft. This will allow lower income families to afford a path into aviation.
Click her for a presentation on LLC's:

We should also mention that if you would like to buy (or sell a portion of your current aircraft to) a partnership in any aircraft then please join and put your name on the list and we will publish your request so others who would like to purchase the same type aircraft.

See Slideshow: Discover how to select the Correct gyroplane for How and Where you fly.

Once this program is tested it will be offered to the PRA at a national level. Where one day any chapter that has members that need to be trained... We send you the aircraft and use your local PRA instructor. We will advertize for 90 days before it arrives in your state as the cheapest way to learn how to fly anything. We will bait and switch in to becoming the BIRD with the most fun aircraft I've ever flown and I've flown just about everything! Now that dream will make the world a better place to really LIVE!

You know my motto = "Life is such a party if you let it be" You deserve it!

What are you waiting for if you would like to enjoy Fly-ins and living life to the fullest by having a good time with new and old friends come on in. We have just begun to play.

Dave Bacon, Pres., John Rountree VP, Tom Kelly secretary and the gang of bad boys and one young lady!

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