My Bendix manufacturer now recommends LPS Magnum lube with Teflon. It looks like this is an ideal lube for most applications. Oil based lubes collect dust and cause wear and sticking. I now stock this product.

Product Description
Premium Lubricant w/PTFE, Size 11 oz., Container Type Aerosol Can, Base Liquid, Color Brown, Flash Point 175 Degrees F, Dielectric Strength Not Specified, VOC Content 2.9 Percent, 0.2 lb./gal., 25g/L, Specific Gravity 0.85 to 0.87, Metal Detectable No, Application Bearings, Valves, Cables, Linkages, Dies, Bits, Fasteners, Engines, Electric Motors, Metal Parts, Parts in Storage, Pulleys, Rollers, Slides, Tracks,

Discount price; $17.95 per can. (plus shipping)

By Tom Milton