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    First Gyro

    Hi All,
    First a little about myself. I have a private helicopter license, I was training for a career in flying but The expense killed me. I have a little over 250 hrs in Helicopters.After I blew my Comm. checkride I had zero possibility of funds available and had to quit. Six years have passed since I have flown and every day I have missed it. I have always been interested in Gyrocopters and have a particular fondness for the Bensen type of aircraft.
    Firstly, I am finding it extremely difficult to find a CFI in Northern California, and secondly I am also finding it near impossible to locate that kind of barebones Gyrocopter.
    Is it better to build my own?
    Please pass on some advice for a newbie.
    Thanks in advance

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    In general it is cheaper to buy a used gyroplane than build your own. Bensen's come up for sale every now and then.
    Training a pain for the majority of us you really got to want it. I have to fly from San Diego Ca. to Utah or Arizona to get training. Most do.

    The good new there are a few traveling CFI's look at this link. Also PRA fly's like Besnes Days coming up on 4/15-4/18, ROTR's in June, and Mentone have many CFI's show up and you can get training at all of those and see and often buy Benson's at these fly-in's too.

    Vance Breeze is training to be a CFI and he's would be closer to you as his home base airport is Santa Maria (KSMX).
    And PRA Chapter 31's Kit two place trainer is being built as I type this so we hope to be flying the 40 hours off at least by June and training at El Mariage Dry lake bed in Ca and Gillespie (KSEE) in El Cajon Ca.
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    I have looked through a lot of the forums and could not decide where to post this so I will try here and see what happens. I am looking to purchase a gyrocopter, probably an autogyro Calidus or Cavalon and would possibly consider a partnership if anyone may be interested. I live in Bloomsburg, Pa. (northeast Pa.)
    I have had my fixed wing ticket since 1991 with a little over 300 hrs. in various aircraft and did some helicopter training a few years back. Solo and cross country time in a Bell 47 with about 33 hrs total helicopter time but due to losing thousands of dollars of prepaid time to an instructor that sold his business to someone else I walked away from that situation and had not done any training for quite some time. My girlfriend and I went to Sun N Fun 2 years ago and decided to order a UH12C Hiller to be rebuilt by United Helicopter in Sarasota Fla. We gave them our deposit and were told we were number 7 on the build list as they had sold a few at the show and we could expect our Hiller to be done sometime around April. United had been bought out by a new owner and we had several conversations with them regarding the rebuild,,,,,,then came the bad news,,,,,,,we received an email,,,,not even a phone call,,,,,,,stating ,,,,,,,bad news about your Hiller and then they began to explain they had mis-calculated the cost to build our machine by about 50,000 dollars,,,,,,and no I did not type too many zeros here and I have the email to prove it. They stated they would still do the ship but on a time and material basis with payments every month as the build progressed. Needless to say I told them to just send a refund for our deposit and we would look elsewhere. I guess you could say I was lucky as I did get my deposit back but now I am looking for something different and during this search I happened to go to Bay Bridge Airport in Maryland and had a demo flight in a Autogyro Calidus and was quite impressed. I am going to try to get back down there yet this fall to do my transition training and possibly build one next spring. So,,,anyone interested in a partnership???????

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