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Thread: PRA's Rotorcraft magazine is now online

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    PRA's Rotorcraft magazine is now online

    Good news Friends

    As most know PRA is back in hard-copy being published in Power Sport Flying magazine available over the counter. To read Rotorcraft magazine simply log into PRA's website and you will be directed to the members only page that has a list (near the top) where you may read the 3 issues PSF has published for us.

    What you may not know is PRA's newest member benefit is a free subscription to Power Sport Flying a $27.95 member benefit mailed to you or just Rotorcraft online as an eZine..
    Members only have to paid postage as it costs more postage to ship them out of north America so international postage is $35.00 a year, Canadian postage is $25.00 and US postage is $12.00 to have PSF with Rotorcraft shipped directly to your home.

    To read the free eZine Rotorcraft magazine simply go here and log in and you will be taken to the members only page where you will see the 3 magazines. Click on the one you wish to read and it will display.

    If you are not a PRA member and would like to read our Rotorcraft eZine for free or get the free subscription to PSF then we invite you to join us (just click the link).

    This is just one of the many new member benefits & discounts available or PRA members.
    Thanks for sharing our passion
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    I really loved the new magazine!!! Beautiful, informative, and well done to all!
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