Greetings, if you have found your way here it is a minor miracle. My name is Greg, and I am the Air Command (AC) dealer for the southeastern US. I have 4 AC gyrocopters in my hanger at this time, some belong to customers and we are rebuilding them and others are mine, which I have rebuilt completely - every nut and bolt. I know my way around these gyros pretty well, and I am connected to the rest of the folks around the country who have been associated with AC in one capacity or another for generations. If I don' have an answer for you, I can certainly get one quickly, or provide you with any technical help and/or parts you need.

Air Command is still in operation in Caddo Mills, Texas.

Please contact me directly at:


Thank you!

Gregory Taylor-Mills
Secretary, PRA Board of Directors 2016
Treasurer, Peachstate Rotorcraft Club (PRA Chapter 56, Georgia)