We have some excellent candidates running for the board this year.
They are:
Brent Drake Current President = please vote for him I need him.

Tim O'Connor Current Vice President = please vote for him I need him.

John Rountree = If you wish the rest of my vision or raffles to earn the money to pay for free two-place trainers for chapters, Group insurance fund that will pay for 1/2 the cost of each accident reducing anyone in the group to 1/2 the cost of your current insurance, discounts on everything offered from Aircraft Spruce and there is more on my list of member benefits.

Dr. Bruce Charnov = I need him too.

Francisco Munoz = He will actually put in time as he has for PRA 31 and I need him too.

You can vote for all of them as there are seats on the BOD for them all.