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"Transition Training and State of the District Address"
Topic: Transition Training and State of the District Address
On Thursday, July 21, 2016 at 19:00 Pacific Daylight Time
Riverside Municipal Airport
6951 Flight Road
Terminal Lobby
Riverside, CA 92504

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In this presentation we'll first look at an unfortunately very common accident in Beechcraft single and multi-engine aircraft: retracting the landing gear after landing or, even worse, while rolling out on the runway. All Beechcraft models prior to 1984 have the position of their flap and landing gear switches reversed from almost all other complex aircraft types. Pilots sometimes inadvertently retract the landing gear when they have recently (or not so recently!) transitioned from other models when they think they are retracting the flaps.

We'll also look at a great way to get good, thorough transition training: find a published syllabus specific to make and model. These are often available through type clubs, or online. Worst case, you can create your own with a knowledgeable CFI and a thorough study of the POH/AFM.

To that end, you MUST find a CFI who has experience in the specific airplane. As you may know, even a 'simple' airplane like a Cessna 172 has many variations over the years of its manufacture, which require knowledge and study.

And finally, we'll look at another accident, this time a Cessna U206, in which knowledge of a fairly obscure system would have prevented the problem.

There will also be a discussion of accident/incident events taking place within Riverside District.

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