NEW CONCEPT! • ANNOUNCEMENT • New 6 blade Prop design specifically for Rotax 914 gyroplanes (also works amazing in other 912 applications). New 4 blade X prop design for 912ULS pusher trikes and fixed wing. (912 tractor 3 blade also available as well as many others). These very unique, super low inertia props will save your gear box, smooth out your flight, increase your climb and improve your economy. Sound like a "typical claim"? Try one with a money back Gaurantee! Find out why REVO is using this new prop and why 150 of the 6 blade Excalibur props have been sold in Europe in the last 12 months. Now available in the USA • Contact Larry Mednick - EVOLUTION TRIKES located Zephyrhills, FL USA • Telephone: 813-810-9262 . • Posted October 20, 2016