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    Titanium Explorer - M

    Neil has just come out with a modification to his standard tandem Titanium Explorer .... to give it some extra rough-field landing capability & puncture-resistant landing gear! Designated the "Mustering" M version ... I have just ordered one to be shipped here - along with the base gyro going to Florida - for a float-version project, and my Aussie-tourer that I will be flying around in Australia in April-May! expect a new shipment of 3 TE's sometime in June-July!
    We will also be making some new CFI's partners happy to be able to offer a display/demo TE at their ops-base - to give students & local Govt agencies a close look at the Titanium advantages!

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    I uploaded 4 pictures---twice ... but they refuse to appear in the attachment file!

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    Well good news about the demo models!!!
    If you send me the pictures I'll post them..

    Or better if you have time Chris call me and let me walk through how you are posting them and see why it don't work for you.
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