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Thread: Questions for CFI's

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    Questions for CFI's

    The instuctors will answer your questions.

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    Glad to see this site up and running. Can't wait to see people start taking advantage of it.

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    In order to build time in a gyroplane. Does the gyroplane need a tail number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TIM J PUMPHREY 33926 View Post
    In order to build time in a gyroplane. Does the gyroplane need a tail number.
    Assuming you mean for logging time to use for an FAA certificate, then yes.

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    Thanks for the answer Tim. By the way is chapter 40 still around.

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    I need a cfi

    I own Patrick Creek Lodge in Gasquet,Ca. Ward Field is 7 miles away. Is there a CFI out there who would like to visit and teach me to fly? I have rooms a rest

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    gregory, If go to the main page and look up CFI's, it will tell you who is in your area.

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    That is a good question. First I will give my opinion and then I will do some research and get back to you.

    Opinion -- If the gyro is a qualified ultralight then no N-Number would be required for legal flight. Flight time would be loggable.
    If the gyro does not qualify for ultralight then it is not legal to fly and would need to be registered and airworthy to log flight time. You could log time in the aircraft but if your logs get audited you may find yourself in trouble.

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    I can see this thread has gone stale. I hope there is a CFI that can answer my question still monitoring this thread. I am a single engine land pilot. At this time my medical is outdated and it has been more then the 10 years, so the new faa medical design may or may not be an issue. I am 65 and looking to get a gyro. What are the requirements that I must meet to add the gyro rating to my certificate? I am not sure what the sport pilot requirements are, but what are the requirements for it and what are the differences in what I can or could do with a gyro with the different available options open to me?
    Thanks ahead of time for any help supplied.

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    You will need to get a rotor craft sport pilot rating. Two instructors will need to sign off on this.

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