Hello Everyone,

This is the first of many questions I'm sure! I just bought a 90%+ complete Bensen B-8M from a friend. He needed money for medical expenses and wouldn't take "charity" so sold off some items. He bought it from someone else who had the kit but never put it together. I don't know the history past that. My friend lost his health before finishing the project.

Aside from a horizontal tail surface, the only thing missing as far as I can tell are the "plates" that attach the rotor blades to the hub bar. I have found a drawing showing them on line, but no information. The drawing I'm referring to is below. The rotor head is from Bensen and has the factory sticker on it.

The gyro has come with new, in box, aluminium rotors, but I don't know how to attach them to the hub bar, or even what those plates are called. The drawing looked like there was some amount of pitch up as well. If I knew more about those, I would also strongly consider having them fabricated professionally just to be safe.

This is my first aircraft of any type. I'm in no hurry and of course will get training before ever trying to go up in the air. I'm going to take all the time I need to just get the thing together properly. As a side note, it also has a rebuilt Rotax 532. Also, I'm thinking of installing a seat tank. I would like to raise the CG up closer to the thrust line.

I truly appreciate any input and any support I can get! I've never flown before, despite being fascinated with gyros since I was little. I'm hoping this is an opportunity to not only help out my friend, but to finally realize my dream of getting in the air within a few years!

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